Change can be driven by M&A/MBO, Generation/ownership transition, fundraising, new service and/or new market entry, business environmental changes. We help you navigate the circumstances, re-building for growth.

Our Approach

The first step - Know your customer: understand the strategy, identify the main business processes and the "bottlenecks". Based on our expertise afterwards we create an action plan together with our clients considering the available resources on both sides. We trust the value added services which focus on real client needs and give advantages in the short term as well as in the long term.

CEE Market Entry/Market Expansion Services

We support the market entries with providing value-added services from market analysis through legal and compliance to partner selection.

Our approach

To accomplish the above goal, we use selected elements of our market entry services:

  • Analysing target markets in Central- and Eastern Europe based on the brief we receive from the client. Deliverable: written country analysis presented to the management
  • Refining Clients’ needs and priorities by means of management interviews, we assess the possible scenarios and we propose optional solutions. Deliverable: written list of scenarios for the countries in scope, pros and cons, our advices, project timeline and milestones)
  • Checking legal and compliance aspects of providing Clients’ services on the countries in scope (from cross-border services to local requirements incl. data protection, statutory reporting, GTC in local languages, local AML and KYC, etc.)
  • Recommending two-three law offices per country, selection is made based on the requirements of the client.
  • We involve the selected law office as subcontractors or we simply manage their activities. Deliverable: list of recommended law offices, legal brief, legal document describing all major aspect of the market entry
  • Identifying local stakeholders for the countries in scope (deliverables: list of stakeholders, their roles, contacts)
  • Financial Institutions: we facilitate licence passporting between the relevant FSAs (deliverables: list of required steps,
  • Financial Institutions: we manage relations with the national bank (deliverable: status reports)
  • Financial Institutions: we manage the relations with local FSA (deliverable: status reports)
  • Identifying potential clients / partners (banks, funds, broker firms, etc) or IT distributor partners that will resell Clients’ solutions within their clientele. Deliverable: list of potential clients and partners, their description, pros and cons, shortlist
  • Managing the relations with selected potential clients and partners providers. Deliverable: meetings with shortlisted partners, them, status reports, contracts with them.

Optional services

  • We can search for and recommend local partners, translators, accountant, auditor, employees, etc.
  • We can help setting up local subsidiaries.
  • We can support the operations of the local practice / subsidiaries on an ongoing basis with various services.

All steps in the process are being documented according to high professional standards. Documentation, background materials, analyses and recommendations are handed over to the Client by electronic means. We deliver a management presentation in the form of a ppt, and a video conference (or personal meeting) where we present our key findings and give recommendations for the management at the project milestones we identified.
M&A, Management Buy-Out, Generation Change, Post-Merger Integration

With our M&A services we help our clients with

  • Financial and legal due diligence, industry compliance
  • Evaluate the feasibility of the financial forecasts, providing risk assessment and sensitivity analysis
  • Support the clients with expert company valuation and negotiation support to close most beneficial transaction
  • Clients get support with process and required legal and business documentationWe provide strategy for potential acquisition targets selection and also scouting activities to find suitable targets.