We support our clients with interim executive resources, especially to manage change in finance, operations, product management and supply chain.

It’s getting more and more popular to choose interim management services when a company need skilled, experienced management to pursue planned or unexpected opportunities, or drive strategic transactions. Our service focuses on providing interim financial managers in the time of need.

When you successfully managed to raise funds from an (or more) investors, or your business finally started to growing fast by hitting the break even, all of a sudden you face new issues: your performance shall be measured against plans, you have to prepare for investment milestones, regular reports should be sent to your investors, the number of invoices are getting more and more from one month to an other your financial transactions getting more and more complicated , and you also have to face with new kind of cash flow issues. If you are an early stage startup, you can not afford paying a full-time professional controller, if you are a scale-up, you need a CFO, or a specialist helping your CFO. This is what we provide to you at affordable prices. During the project one of our dedicated interim controlling managers / CFO stays with your team on-site for a number of days every week and takes the burden of financial management off your shoulder.

Post-Merger Integration – Project Management

Problem/Situation – Lack of resources

Post-acquisition our clients, often deal with several integration and migration related tasks in a short period of time, where complex project with plenty of streams are launched. In the same way the high performance in standard operations and processes cannot fail, so Invendor is providing additional project management roles.

Project management

Invendor has significant experience in acquisitions, mergers and also has interim resources to support our partners in migrations. Our approach is not of a “body shop”, but handle the projects in their complexity, based on Invendor’s methodology and highly experienced team. In addition we emphasis professionalism, transparency and documentation, that were necessary for successful project closure.