We provide diverse and comprehensive financial advisory services, offering that meets the needs of today’s companies. Our clients benefit from our practical advice, and innovative solutions rooted in deep experience on the field of financials.
We’ve helped launch companies, scale companies, and sell companies to prepare for reach the next level by establishing / restructuring the financial processes, making the accurate financial plan and monitoring method for investors or prepare the company for investor due diligence. During the work we use lean analytics method in order to meet clients expectations and offer the most practical and efficient solution we can find for the certain problem.

Strategic financial planning

A business plan without strategic and financial planning will remain only a plan, we’ve all seen this, but how can we make the difference, that’s where we can help you.

Strategic and financial planning is essential even if we talk about an early stage startup project or a company preparing for the buy out. If you have a reasonable financial plan it could be life-changing regarding the success of the whole company. Implement all of the team understanding of the market, revenue and cost side assumptions, and meet the expectations of the future/current investment organizations and the financial statutory requirements in the same time, it could be a struggle. We have solution for this challenge. Our service includes understanding your whole business model by making questionnaires with the company’s key managers evaluating it, give recommendations about how to use all these knowledge to make a more deliberate business plan, and we also guide you through the whole planning procedure by giving a template and sharing best practices about the implementation of a strategic financial plan.

Internal Controlling system development

The company generated 5 million USD revenue in this year. Is this enough to say, it was a good year for the company? Until we don’t know nothing about the context it’s not enough, here are controlling tools come into the picture.

Everybody knows that, there are thousands of solutions for financial analysis and implementing controlling methods, but if you’re not sure which one you have to pick, instead of burning your precious time let us help you by using our experience in this magical field of finances. Our consultants have made many types of controlling projects from working for a big corporate group to develop the existing controlling methods, to making brand new controlling system for startups to help them reach the next level. Our service can help you to understand your needs in this field and make a significant progress in the effectiveness your internal controlling processes within a reasonable time. There are consultants in our team who are experienced in managing new ERP system lunch and if it’s necessary we can also involve our ERP expert business partners to support the whole project.

Interim management

It’s getting more and more popular to choose interim management services when a company need skilled, experienced management to pursue planned or unexpected opportunities, or drive strategic transactions. Our service focuses on providing interim financial managers in the time of need.

When you successfully managed to raise funds from an (or more) investors, or your business finally started to growing fast by hitting the break even, all of a sudden you face new issues: your performance shall be measured against plans, you have to prepare for investment milestones, regular reports should be sent to your investors, the number of invoices are getting more and more from one month to an other your financial transactions getting more and more complicated , and you also have to face with new kind of cashflow issues. If you are an early stage startup, you can not afford paying a full-time professional controller, if you are a scale-up, you need a CFO, or a specialist helping your CFO. This is what we provide to you at affordable prices. During the project one of our dedicated interim controlling manager / CFO stays with your team on-site for a number of days every week and takes the burden of financial management off your shoulder.

Investment readiness assessment

Are you sure, you're investor ready? Before moving ahead it’s crucial to identify and understand what you need to do before taking onboard investors or creditors.

Investment readiness means that you are in a strong position to present your business to different investors and meet their requirements. We assess your business model and team, analyse your business and financial plan and recommend tailored modifications to better fit the requirements of investors - be it angels, accelerators or VC funds. Our service consists of business strategy and investor deck assessment, business plan comprehensive assessment, creditor and loan assessment. Usually we work on your materials a predefined number of days and – in case of need – we can also provide periodical follow-on advisory. Go on with our questionnaire and if you have any uncertainty go on and contact us.