Invendor has proven methods to automate and support the digitalisation of your supply chain operations. Our goal is to create net value by building a competitive logistic infrastructure which synchronizes supply with demand and measures supply chain performance according to your needs.

Our approach is simple ― we start off with your customer at the center. Supply Chain processes are horizontal and work across internal, vertical organisations to deliver value to customers. People, process, technology and assets must work seamlessly, meeting and exceeding customer expectations to win in today's challenging environment.

We first look at your business goals and then work with you to establish your Supply Chain goals by providing an initial assessment. This approach will provide insights into areas such as Planning, Inventory, Logistics, Returns and your Organisation. Thereafter we can agree on the next steps such as further study, action plan etc.

Supply Chain Insights

Do you have sufficient insight in your Supply Chain and how effective it is?
We will do a systematic approach on your Supply Chain processes to provide insight into areas for improvements.

Supply Chain Planning

Do you often have to say no to your customers because products are not available?
We will help you to identify the right planning process for your company. We will introduce or improve your Sales & OperatingPlanning, a proven method to bring together all the relevant stakeholders and align on a final plan allowing you to serve your customers with confidence.

Inventory Optimisation

Are you struggling to keep your inventory levels under control?
We will conduct an inventory analysis to improve your product flow and reduce your working capital.

Sustainable Logistics

Are you concerned your Supply Chain is not doing enough to protect the environment?
We will help you to design and implement sustainable solutions for your Supply Chain.

Returns Management

Are you experiencing a high volume of returns and trying to find solutions to reduce this?
We will help you to identify the underlying root-causes for the returns and propose effective solutions to reduce your costs.

Supply Chain Organisation

Are you struggling to find the right people with Supply Chain Experience to manage the new normal?
We are here to help with interim management or support you to project manage the implementation of solutions and/or systems.