The first step - Know your customer: understand the strategy, identify the main business processes and the „bottlenecks”. Based on our expertize afterwards we create an action plan together with our clients considering the available resources on the both sides. We trust the value added services which focus on the real client needs and give advantages in the short term as well as in the long term.

Business process optimization

We believe in continuous process development and finetuning which contribute to company growth, to smooth and effective workflows and decrease of the operating costs. Our team brings the best practices to build effective business processes from planning to implementation and operation.Main fields of specialization: Contract management, Procurement and invoicing with approval process, Outgoing invoicing (e-invoicing) connected as inherent part of the sales process, Car policy and monitoring, Travel policy and workflow, Paperless solutions (barcode technology, digitalization, ERP, etc.)

Compliance management

We emphasize the importance of compliance with legislative rules in order to avoid any regulatory fine, minimizing in this way any unexpexted (extra) cost and human resources.

Funds and subsidies monitoring

We ensure an ongoing monitoring of EU and other subsidies. We developed also a professional „company comformity check-list” in order to adequately identify all feasible subsidy opportunities and determine which one is the most suitable for our clients. Choosing the most proper subsidy form financially contributes to the implementation of new methods which ensure a competitive advantage on the market.

Project management

Our team: specialized experts on different fields - from business to finance - who have competence to manage and support projects which are focused on the business process development. The cooperation could be success- or daily fee-paid based.