We help corporations design innovation programs to solve their business challenges.

Corporate innovation programs include:

  • Startup incubator/accelerator: Building a startup ecosystem around the corporation, designing and running a 3-4 month long program for industry specific startups that are interesting for the corporation. Facilitating cooperation between startups and the corporation.
  • Internal accelerator: Instead of hiring new employees or acquiring startups to work on new products, companies can support internal entrepreneurs and develop a startup culture within the organization through a 12 week accelerator program.
  • Challenges: Corporations can define business challenges and invite startups to provide solutions, resulting in cooperation between the startup and corporation.
  • Investments: Designing an investment arm for the corporation. Scouting startups and negotiating investments.
  • Hackathons: A 2-3 day long event for programmers who compete in coming up with solutions for the corporation.
  • Venture building spin-off