We help corporations design innovation programs to solve their business challenges. 

From October 2018 we run Invendor Innovation Academy to help companies to develop their internal innovation processes and entrepreneurs to realize their business ideas by creating a unique knowledge-sharing ecosystem among them. Learn more on our dedicated innovation program here: http://academy.invendor.hu/

Corporate innovation programs include:

Startup incubator / accelerator

Building a startup ecosystem around the corporation, designing and running a 3-4 month long program for industry specific startups that are interesting for the corporation. Facilitating cooperation between startups and the corporation.

Internal accelerator

Instead of hiring new employees or acquiring startups to work on new products, companies can support internal entrepreneurs and develop a startup culture within the organization through a 12 week accelerator program.


Corporations can define business challenges and invite startups to provide solutions, resulting in cooperation between the startup and corporation.


Designing an investment arm for the corporation. Scouting startups and negotiating investments.


A 2-3 day long event for programmers who compete in coming up with solutions for the corporation.

Venture building spin-off