uSchool is a high school entrepreneurship club program, that teaches students how to earn a living by doing what they love. The goal of every entrepreneurship club is to provide an environment where students can complete their very first entrepreneurial project - they are guided to start a profitable venture - and through that they gain invaluable experience. The program strengthens not only their business skills but also those soft skills that are crucial for their success in the future, regardless the area they will be working in.

uSchool methodology

uSchool developed a proprietary methodology for teaching entrepreneurship whose foundations are based on the Design Thinking concept from Stanford University and was developed in one of the world’s leading impact accelerator – Unreasonable Institute.

The clubs are led by mentors, who are entrepreneurs, or employees of big corporations. They meet the students once a week and help them on this journey. Dedicated mentorship and positive encouragement are the key components to our program.

uSchool is a great opportunity for corporations to experience and learn about startup methodologies and accelerator best practices. It can help them to embrace entrepreneurial thinking that can lead to innovative changes in the corporate culture. We believe in the idea of being competitive in the 21st century’s economy, entrepreneurial spirit is crucial inside corporations and in independent enterprises as well.

Our Story

The program (in its Slovenian name, Ustvarjalnik) founded and started in Slovenia, has a proven track record enhancing the educational system there in the past 7+ years, more than 3500 students have graduated from the program and 41 companies have been founded by uSchool students.

The program has been launched in Hungary as a pilot in 2015, with the participation of 5 high schools in Budapest and 12 entrepreneur mentors. In 2016/17 we entered in a strategic partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary and involved corporations as mentors (like KPMG, Bird&Bird, HVCA, etc) in the program.

We had one student club with 22 students and brilliant ideas. Let us show you how our startup weekend went:

...and also one of our alumni student’s story (in Hungarian):